The Rule of Luck

“A compelling and intriguing read built on a fascinating premise. Cerveny’s future world is richly drawn, and Felicia’s and Alexei’s adventure is definitely an edge-of-your-seat ride.” –Linnea Sinclair, award-winning author of the Dock Five Universe series


Year 2950. Humanity has survived devastating climate shifts and four world wars, coming out stronger and smarter than ever. Incredible technology is available to all, and enhancements to appearance, intelligence, and physical ability are commonplace.
In this future, Felicia Sevigny has built her fame reading the futures of others.
Alexei Petriv, the most dangerous man in the TriSystem, will trust only Felicia to read his cards. But the future she sees is darker than either of them could ever have imagined. A future that pits them against an all-knowing government, almost superhuman criminals, and something from Felicia’s past that she could never have predicted, but that could be the key to saving — or destroying — them all.

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RT Book Review

A fresh heroine pairs with a dangerous hero to confront nuanced and compelling ethical dilemmas in this fast-paced, tightly plotted romance. Felicia evolves from determined but hapless to focused and empowered, while the plot picks up dizzying speed, delving into society’s capacity for manipulation and dehumanization. Fans of classic sci fi will recognize echoes of Orwell and Huxley.

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The Qwillery

The Rule of Luck is a whirlwind thriller romance in a futuristic setting that will tug at your heartstrings while sending you on high-speed chases alongside a genetically-enhanced (and incredibly handsome…) criminal mastermind.

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Jeannie Zelos Book Reviews

Stars: five, a fabulous read, and I really would like book two ( and more) ASAP!!

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